Laughter Best Medicine For Obama

March 24, 2009

Looking like the total lightweight he is, The Punch Drunk President managed last week to laugh at two things almost no one else in America would find funny.

That’s right, apparently “his team” as he referred to them in his interview with 60 Minute’s Steve Kroft uses gallows humor to help them get through their day of implementing policies designed to undermine the very fabric of our country.

And, if tripling the national debt while thousands more lose their jobs everyday isn’t enough to make you fall off your chair laughing, consider something else Mr. President found funny in front of a national television audience last week…The Special Olympics.

So, while Baracko Baffoon is jive talking and spliting his gut over people less fortunate than himself, here’s something that isn’t funny at all.  

America is now stuck with a flaming jackass Fake President who runs around running amok while supposedly glad-handing the nation, and meanwhile the Nacy Pelosi/Rahm Emmanuel group of ghouls is rubbing their hands with glee as they seek to undermine the Constitution of the United States and it’s world leading tradition of capitalism and Judea/Christian principals.  

How about another good laugh. What will this band of idiots do in an international crisis with huge military implications?  Not too funny, is it?


The United States Of Abortion, Etc.

March 23, 2009

The United States needs a new name…because the America moniker isn’t exactly working anymore now that Obama and Pelosi have made their coup and hijacked the government. Leader of the Free World is no longer a good name either, because you can’t call yourself the leader when you run around to a bunch of European countries with your cocked up plans and they basically tell you to screw off….like France and Germany did when Giethner suggested they join us in a hyper inflation party...and like Iran did when Obama expalined to them in his dopey manner that he thinks we should be friends.

Besides, we’ve become The United States of special interest groups, the United States of abortion, of illiegal immigration, of athiesm, of crackheads and welfare imbeciles everywhere.  

It’s like we’ve turned into The United States of garbage dump. And as Obama and Pelosi seek to empower every splinter group and thereby insure themselves of votes, even from people who can’t legally vote….they continue to flush the America that once existed, further and further down the toilet.

Exhausted Obama Hopes For Change

March 13, 2009


Hey, Wake Up, You Wanted This Job!

The change that may be foremost in the mind of President Wuss, would be the welcome one that comes when he no longer needs to be the President, and he can kick back with some bud, a little coke, some hoops, a cold case of Miller Light, and whatever else it is he’d rather be doing than running the country.

It’s already so pathetic at The White House, that they had to roll Michelle out to — among other things — make the assertion that her husband was rational.  She stopped short of saying that if he had a complete nervous breakdown or something, rather than letting that empty suit Biden take over, she’d probably be able to get the job done. Her appearance at this point is downright scary, almost like a mom stepping out on the lawn into a brewing fist fight, to make sure her son doesn’t get his ass kicked. 

The sad part is, if pushing the Pelosi Agenda is too tiring and too trying for Obama, what would he seriously do about seeing 3,000 Americans murdered in a single day by blood-thirsty freaks? Bush took that, held his head up and kept us going strong.

Pelosi Parties Like Rock Star On Your Cash

March 13, 2009


Unfortunately The World Now Associates The United States Of America With Nancy Pelosi

Unfortunately The World Now Associates The United States Of America With Nancy Pelosi

This is the image our country shows the world now everyday.  Nancy Pelosi.  The twisted face of hard core left-wing feminism and all it’s disgruntled accouterments is now recognized world wide as the face of the United States of America.

Last week, the disgruntled feminist clashed with the military to get nonstop service when she flies home to California with police protection on government planes, revealed a particular fondness for Gulfstream’s sleek G-5 – a plane glamorized in Hollywood films and rap videos.

“It is my understanding there are no G-5s available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable . . . The speaker will want to know where the planes are,” a Pelosi aide wrote in an angry e-mail to the military. 

That’s right folks, we are Nancy Pelosi to the world whether we like it or not…and he demanding, impetuous use of military planes for travel is just another way of her telling all of us, that she’s sees herself as vastly more important than the people she represents.

The world is laughing at us America, and will continue to do so the more we elect misguided, disgruntled, pro-abortion activists like Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi Used Scare Tactics Against Sheehan

March 1, 2009


“President Bush’s politics of fear do nothing to keep Americans as safe as we should be. Americans deserve more than scare tactics from President Bush.”

–Nancy Pelosi

Just another one of those cases of the pot calling the kettle black.  The above quote from Nancy Pelosi’s press relase on the day the Bush Budget came out in 2006.  She has harsh words for what she calls his “scare tactics” in what he has said to that point about terrorism and Al Qaeda…

But consider the scare tactics Pelosi herself may have used against her rival in the November ’08 elections, war activist Cindy Sheehan.

This from

Just 5 days before the election, at 3a.m. on October 30th, all of the front windows of the Cindy Sheehan for Congress campaign offices were shattered. Although staffers had been in the office less than an hour earlier, no one was in the building at the time of the incident. No one was hurt and there were no witnesses. Cindy Sheehan is a candidate for Congress in California’s 8th Congressional District race against incumbent Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“It seems to have been a calculated intimidation tactic,” said Tiffany Burns, the Cindy for Congress campaign manager. “One of our computers was stolen, but no other property was taken from our offices and no surrounding buildings were targeted. Clearly they wanted to both frighten us and to gather information.” Damage to the campaign office is currently estimated at more than $5,000.

The Cindy for Congress campaign recently chronicled a series of unusual events, including other threats of violence, in a statement issued on October 13th. In that statement, Cindy Sheehan noted “[t]he past few weeks have been a little strange at Cindy for Congress […] the things that have been happening could just be coincidences, or a run of bad luck, but the climate for the possibility of campaign hanky-panky certainly exists.”

Campaign staffers also note each incident, including today’s early morning incident, has followed closely on the heels of a confrontation with Cindy Sheehan’s opponent Nancy Pelosi. This morning’s incident occurred after an on-air confrontation between the two candidates on KQED’s public affairs program Forum with Michael Krasny on Wednesday morning.

“Each time we confront her, each time we ask her for a debate, each time we gain ground in the polls, something horrible happens,” said Burns. “Once or twice might be a coincidence, but such a consistent correlation is hard to ignore.”

Jindal Rejects Stimulus As Dysfunctional

February 22, 2009



Governor Bobby Jindal Leads The Way In Rejecting Stimulus Bloat

Governor Bobby Jindal Leads The Way In Rejecting Dysfunctional Stimulus

Renew your faith in the Republican Party.

First, Republican Senators did what they could to ignite a common sense stimulus bill, but they were ignored and The Monster From Pelosi passed.

Now, here’s Jindal, and a handful of other excellent Republican governors standing up and saying,” it passed…you signed it Oh Great One”…but like Ivan in The Brothers Karamazov, he’s respectfully, or maybe not so respectfully, returning the ticket…in this case to an obscene and dysfunctional pork party.

Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal is sticking to his position of rejecting part of the federal stimulus money for his state, saying Sunday that accepting an increase in unemployment benefits will lead to higher taxes on businesses in his state. 

Mississippi Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin say they may follow suit. They say the money to be disbursed to the states in the $787 billion spending and tax cuts package comes with too many strings attached.

This is the right direction for the Republicans.  Continue to dissect this ill-conceived package, not from an emotional, finger-pointing perspective, but from from an intellectual one.  Explain to the American people, in no uncertain terms, because this is what we’ve been needing since Regan departed; Explain with a passion why this wealth distribution and economic justice crap just won’t work, and will probably even backfire, creating enormous messes with all it’s unintended consequences that the liberals never think of when they write legislation.

Waterboarding Perfect For Chris Brown

February 22, 2009


Chris Brown Is A Perfect Example Of Why We Need Water-Boarding In The United States

Chris Brown Is A Perfect Example Of Why We Need Waterboarding In The United States
















Pelosi and Obama are dismantling the mechanisms that enabled us to waterboard terrorists in order to find out information that would help us kill more of them.

This will probably expose us and leave us at risk for future attacks, and the only possible reason we won’t be attacked in the future, is because Bush used what he found out at Gitmo to screw Al Qaeda up beyond all recognition.

I hate to see the nutjob do-gooder liberals dismantling waterboarding as a method of interrogating terroists, but I also think, rather than banning it, it’s uses could be expanded and brought to the United States.  

That way we could waterboard pieces of crap like Chris Brown. You know, wise-ass fools who wear their hats crooked, who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag and then wind up mashing their little girlfriends in the face.  

Water-board Chris, not because we’d need to get any information out of him, but just to torture him so maybe he would think twice about punching a defensless chick in the face the next time it occured to him to do so.  

Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring it over here to solve a couple other cases as well, where we do need more information. You know, the name Drew Peterson would certainly rank high as a candidate for a little fact finding session via the water-board, wouldn’t he?