Obama Rhetoric No Substitute For Real Policy

June 8, 2009


Mr. Rhetoric Proves To Be The Worlds Biggest Empty Suit

Mr. Rhetoric Proves To Be The World's Biggest Empty Suit

In Egypt, across Europe and here in the United States, our empty suit President shows that he has no real claim to leadership.  

Mr. Charisma is going to fix the world by blaming the United States for the past, and explaining to everyone how to behave in order to make the future more nice and easy.

In the business world we have an expression for people like Obama who wants to fix everything by babbling in glowing terms, he’s an empty suit.


Obama Joins Maher In Religion Bashing

April 9, 2009

As Obama flashes his ever-grinning visage, and now even his grotesque posterior all over Europe, the most reprehensible, undermining and destructive thing he’s said so far about America is that we are no longer a Christian Nation

As President Obama engaged in his “America Stinks” tour of Europe this week he told audiences in Turkey that the U.S. is not a Christian nation. “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation,” he said on April 6. This echoes his statement in 2007 when Obama told CBN, “whatever we once were, we’re no longer just a Christian nation.”

This is a more despicable agenda than even Bill Maher’s, because this particular misguided Hollywood Star happens to have wound up as President of The United States.

There is a huge and growing danger that people everywhere will think a lot less of the United States because of him. Apparently, that’s his agenda, as the daily bashing is unrelenting. What’s Obama’s real motive?

Democratic Ghouls Dance On America’s Grave

April 6, 2009

The unholy have come to power.  They trash the constitution, bash America, huddle with leaders of rogue nations, court the favor of America hating dictators, downplay the war on terror and even the word terrorist, and have now set a course of action that will completely bankrupt our nation while tripling the national debt and doing nothing to really stimulate the economy but only to stimulate the cancerous growth of bigger and bigger government…all while taking over the car companies, mortgage companies, banks and who knows what else.  And all with the cultural assistance of high profile God-haters from Hollywood.

The World’s Greatest Nightmare has just begun, as The Dance of the Ghouls continues.

Obama Doesn’t Care If Stimulus Works

April 3, 2009

Obama Dreams Of Economic Justice

Liberals are always going off about how stupid conservatives are, so could one of you geniuses please explain what the crap is so intelligent about facing historic economic debt and uncertainty with historic levels of borrowing and spending?

I just want to understand the concept better. How is this going to work? I don’t buy that we have to do it, but we don’t know if it will work.

Obama hasn’t done squat to explain to taxpayers why he thinks this idea will work.

I’ll explain it to you, it isn’t going to work, Obama knows it, and he doesn’t care….he just wants the money, so he can give it to people who didn’t work for it. The whole crap about saving the economy is just as big of a marketing scheme as his campaign was. He doesn’t care about people, just wants their votes. Just wants to do what he always wanted to do and has been writing about since he was in college…wield economic justice. Redistribute wealth. Make things more fair for all the have-nots. Look up in history sometime how well that has always worked.

It doesn’t work. the have nots do way better when you don’t tax the haves into the stone age.

GM Boycott May Bring Down Obama Regime

March 31, 2009

It’s time to revive the GM Boycott plans started during the first Bush Bailout.  Barack Obama has chosen to take over a major company that he has no clue on how to run.

He has tied his future to the future success of his new car company. If you think this is unconsitutional, and another giant step toward the destruction of capitalism, join the Boycott GM Movement and seal the fate of the dictatorial Obama Regime.

Will Obama Turn Out To Be A Dictator?

March 29, 2009

Even staunch liberal democratic experts like pollster Pat Caddell are starting to show up on television with a new tone and set of words to describe the first few months of the Obama Administration.

In a cable news interview yesterday, Caddell admitted that he did not understand where the Obama administration was going, with the common consensus among experts being that this guy who ran for president as a sort of unifying centrist Democrat, has come out of the box like a One-World-Government radical bent on undermining the United States.

High on everyone’s list of shocking developments are the way the administration is jamming through the most enomous government spending packages in the history of the planet with no real guarantee that any of it will work to restore the freaking economy, let alone the infrastructure.

Experts are actually using the word scary as someone did from the Brookings Institution again on cable news, when he described the whole Gitmo shutdown and manipulation of the language to act as if terroirsts aren’t really our enemy.  You have to wonder what’s going on here?  Why is this guy moving so fast to change and undo so many things related to terrorism and our enemies, and why is he spending such an incredible amount of money at a time when everyone agrees we don’t have much.

Extremely reputable journalists, former politicians and political advisors are using the word dictatorial about many of the early moves of the Obama Administration.

You might use an even stronger word if you’re a smoker, as I’m sure you noticed a governmental cash grab that went into place silently over the weekend, where cigarettes have suddenly gone up a dollar a pack because Obama needs more money to give to people who, you know, don’t really earn, work for or deserve it. Just grabbed a dollar a pack right out of the wallet of every smoker in America.  Maybe next the police will come around and take your gun. Or your crucifix, if you have one hanging on the wall, you know, because an atheist might see it. Or because Bill Maher doesn’t think religion is cool.

Right now I know only two things for sure.  1) It was incredibly stupid that we elected a guy President of the United States who went to a church where the preacher screamed “Goddamn America”…over and over again. 2) We better not make the same mistake twice.

Wonder Stinks Up Idol With Obama Love

March 27, 2009

Stevie Wonder brought his boring songs to American Idol last night, but the worst part about his predictable performance was his shout out of “I love you Barack Obama!” in the middle of some dreary 70s song that was tepid when it first came out.

That Wonder loves Obama is no doubt, as there are hundreds of misguided showbiz folks out there who think that it’s a great day in the morning now that were on the verge of trippling the national debt and screwing up Capitalism beyond all recognition.  

Even Europe in the throes of going down the tubes due to excessive government is begging us not to take the Obama route.…but we’ll probably go anyway, due to geniuses like Steve Wonder, Oprah Winfrey, Sean Penn, and all the brilliant thinkers at Saturday Night Live.