Pelosi Enough To Whip Off The Pope


Nancy Pelosi...

Nancy Pelosi...

...Enough To Piss Off the Pope!

...Enough To Piss Off the Pope!

For years people having been saying that something or other was “enough to piss off the Pope”. Now it’s happened, something really has “pissed off The Pope”…and it’s our own Nancy Pelosi!

Pope Benedict XVI made clear to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday that she cannot advocate for abortion rights and still be a good Catholic.

After meeting with Pelosi (D-Calif.) at the Vatican, the pontiff stressed that Catholic politicians are required to work to outlaw abortion, and stressed that church teachings are “consistent” on the matter.

After their meeting the Vatican issued a statement that read:“Life begins at inception Nancy, yours did too, I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted to give it up due to the inconveneince you caused your parents by being born alive.”

The Vatican may not have been quite that direct, but in other words, that’s what the Pope told her. Will she listen to him?  Of course not, she’s the Speaker of The House…he’s just His Holiness.


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