Laughter Best Medicine For Obama

Looking like the total lightweight he is, The Punch Drunk President managed last week to laugh at two things almost no one else in America would find funny.

That’s right, apparently “his team” as he referred to them in his interview with 60 Minute’s Steve Kroft uses gallows humor to help them get through their day of implementing policies designed to undermine the very fabric of our country.

And, if tripling the national debt while thousands more lose their jobs everyday isn’t enough to make you fall off your chair laughing, consider something else Mr. President found funny in front of a national television audience last week…The Special Olympics.

So, while Baracko Baffoon is jive talking and spliting his gut over people less fortunate than himself, here’s something that isn’t funny at all.  

America is now stuck with a flaming jackass Fake President who runs around running amok while supposedly glad-handing the nation, and meanwhile the Nacy Pelosi/Rahm Emmanuel group of ghouls is rubbing their hands with glee as they seek to undermine the Constitution of the United States and it’s world leading tradition of capitalism and Judea/Christian principals.  

How about another good laugh. What will this band of idiots do in an international crisis with huge military implications?  Not too funny, is it?


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