Obama Rhetoric No Substitute For Real Policy

June 8, 2009


Mr. Rhetoric Proves To Be The Worlds Biggest Empty Suit

Mr. Rhetoric Proves To Be The World's Biggest Empty Suit

In Egypt, across Europe and here in the United States, our empty suit President shows that he has no real claim to leadership.  

Mr. Charisma is going to fix the world by blaming the United States for the past, and explaining to everyone how to behave in order to make the future more nice and easy.

In the business world we have an expression for people like Obama who wants to fix everything by babbling in glowing terms, he’s an empty suit.


Ragdoll Obama Shakes Anyone’s Hand

April 27, 2009

Chief Sleaze Used Like A Rag In Another Dictator Photo Op

The President of The United States is a cheap empty suit.  

I have been aware of–and fully respected–every President of The United Staes since Ike. Democrats and Republicans included, even Nixon with what he did, even Clinton is his lack of respect for himself.

But this Obama is a different story.  He’s a back-room dirt bag that will go to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, that  now becomes our country’s image.

So do you continue to believe in the United States now?  Hoping Pataki or someone with a brain from the Republican side can dethrone this imbecile before he completely tarnishes and ruins who we are as a country?

Or do you say to yourself, ‘I still believe in the principals this country was founded on, in free enterprise, in national pride, in The Constitution, in our history...but if Slimebag is going to continue to ignore all that, I’ll have to let the country go and stick with the principals in hopes of keeping them alive somewhere else.’

The former certainly being the preferred route at this point.

Obama Joins Maher In Religion Bashing

April 9, 2009

As Obama flashes his ever-grinning visage, and now even his grotesque posterior all over Europe, the most reprehensible, undermining and destructive thing he’s said so far about America is that we are no longer a Christian Nation

As President Obama engaged in his “America Stinks” tour of Europe this week he told audiences in Turkey that the U.S. is not a Christian nation. “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation,” he said on April 6. This echoes his statement in 2007 when Obama told CBN, “whatever we once were, we’re no longer just a Christian nation.”

This is a more despicable agenda than even Bill Maher’s, because this particular misguided Hollywood Star happens to have wound up as President of The United States.

There is a huge and growing danger that people everywhere will think a lot less of the United States because of him. Apparently, that’s his agenda, as the daily bashing is unrelenting. What’s Obama’s real motive?

Obama Goes Down On Saudi King

April 9, 2009

Showing the whole world what a huge ass he really is, Obama bowed and scraped at the feet of King of Saudi Arabia at the Group of 20 summit meeting in London.

“The bow was an extraordinary protocol violation,” The Washington Times observed in an editorial on Tuesday.

“Such an act is a traditional obeisance befitting a king’s subjects, not his peer. There is no precedent for U.S. presidents bowing to Saudi or any other royals,” the editorial said.

Obama offered King Abdullah a deep and prolonged bow from the waist when he met him at the summit, which brought together the leaders of the world’s largest economies on April 2. What an ugly, disgusting display for an American President.  What a big ass this guy is.

Obama Praises Racist Brazilian President

April 2, 2009


Brazil's President Confers With America- Hater Chavez After Getting Praise From Obama For Blaming "Blue Eyed White People" For Recession.

“That’s my man right here,” President Obama said this morning at the G-20 summit as Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva approached him. “Love this guy. He’s the most popular politician on earth. It’s because of his good looks.”

A few days ago, Lula said that the global economic crisis “was fostered and boosted by irrational behaviour of people that are white, blue-eyed, that before the crisis looked like they knew everything about economics.”

‘Now they have demonstrated that they don’t know anything about economics,” said Lula, adding that “no black man or woman, no indigenous person, no poor person” can be held responsible.

It’s not blue America or red America it’s black America….right Baracko?

Netanyahu Gives Obama Wimp Test

April 2, 2009


In this week’s New Yorker, Seymour Hersh reports that, just before leaving office, Dick Cheney told the Israelis that Obama is a wimp and could be ignored.

Netanyahu appears to have bought into the Cheney thesis and is now testing it by insulting the President on the day he is sworn in as Prime Minister. Let’s see if Obama let’s him get away with it.

Check out this interview Netanyahu gave the Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg today. Netanyahu says flatout that either the Obama administration deals with Iran’s nuclear development or Israel will have no choice but to act unilaterally.

Let’s see if our kissy-face President and his new world order stand up to a Netanyahu regime in Israel where real world actions will always speak louder than words.

Europe Cries Out Against Obama Debacle

March 29, 2009


Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek says the Obama fiscal stimulus is paving a “road to hell.” 

Mr. Topolanek simply presented more bluntly the same opinion that leaders from Germany’s Angela Merkel to France’s Nicolas Sarkozy to European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet have already expressed.

With the Obama Administration paying no heed to them and racking up ever more deficit spending, why not speak up more forcefully? Friends don’t let friends wreck their economies.