What Would Make Obama Pro Life?

May 17, 2009



Basically, someone just has to explain to him that most of the unborn babies he’s helping exterminate could well turn out to be democratic voters.

Number of abortions per year: Approximately 42 Million 
Number of abortions per day: 
Approximately 115,000


Notre Dame Rejects Pro Death Ghoul Obama

March 29, 2009


Obama Speaks At Planned Death Rally

Obama Speaks At Planned Death Rally

The Catholic bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Ind., announced Tuesday he will boycott President Barack Obama’s May 17 commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame, joining an estimated 80,000 people who have petitioned the university to rescind its plans.

For the first time in his 25-year tenure as bishop of the region that encompasses the famous Catholic university, Fort Wayne-South Bend Bishop John M. D’Arcy said he will not be on the main stage during the university’s commencement ceremonies because of President Obama’s “long-stated unwillingness to hold human life as sacred.”

“My decision is not an attack on anyone, but is in defense of the truth about human life.”

God Bless you Bishop.  Unfortunately, your courage will most likely result in attacks upon you. I’m sure David Letterman, Bill Maher, Tina Fay and all the other degenerated idiots on the left will soon be making huge jokes at your expense as they seek to make religion and America’s belief in God the laughing stock of the world.

The United States Of Abortion, Etc.

March 23, 2009

The United States needs a new name…because the America moniker isn’t exactly working anymore now that Obama and Pelosi have made their coup and hijacked the government. Leader of the Free World is no longer a good name either, because you can’t call yourself the leader when you run around to a bunch of European countries with your cocked up plans and they basically tell you to screw off….like France and Germany did when Giethner suggested they join us in a hyper inflation party...and like Iran did when Obama expalined to them in his dopey manner that he thinks we should be friends.

Besides, we’ve become The United States of special interest groups, the United States of abortion, of illiegal immigration, of athiesm, of crackheads and welfare imbeciles everywhere.  

It’s like we’ve turned into The United States of garbage dump. And as Obama and Pelosi seek to empower every splinter group and thereby insure themselves of votes, even from people who can’t legally vote….they continue to flush the America that once existed, further and further down the toilet.

Obama’s Fifty Days Of Broken Promises

March 11, 2009

During his campaign, Dishonest Abe promised the American people he would bring American troops home from Iraq in 16 months. He’s admitted he can’t do that now. He knew he couldn’t do it when he made the claims during the campaign. But it sure sounded good to all those new, young voters who wanted to end the war.

At best, America will end its combat role in Iraq by 2011 – a deadline set by the Iraqi government and supported by Obama. His decision to keep Bush’s defense secretary – Robert Gates – in charge of the Pentagon represents a major rollback in his promise for a swift end to the war in Iraq.

Campaign promises are normally as dispensable as a condom after sex so we shouldn’t be surprised that Obama’s reneging on Iraq is just another in a growing litany of “well, I may have said that, but…”

But Obama promised to be different. He promised to be a Presidential candidate who kept his promises and he broke that promise too.

Obama said lobbyists – the real power brokers in Washington – would have no role in his government yet his transition team is packed with lobbyists and they’re the ones making recommendations on who should get top jobs and setting the legislative agenda of the new administration.

He promised an end to the old way of doing things but, so far, he has stacked his cabinet withretreads from past administrations schooled in – you guessed it — the old way of doing things.

He promised an end to the bitter partisanship of the past yet his first appointment as President-elect was the most partisan member of Congress as his chief of staff. Rahm Emmanuel is not only a rapid partisan but a former political operative who makes Karl Rove look like a Sunday school teacher.

Perhaps we should have paid more attention to an early indicator of Obama’s disregard for keeping his word. He promised to accept public financing if his opponent did. McCain accepted public financing and Obama broke that promise because he could raise and spend more money outside the system. And he raised more than $750 million. That’s three-quarters of a billion.

Some say Obama bought the election. Buying an election is old-school politics – something Barack Obama said he would bring to an end.

Sebelius Secretary Of Health And Abortion

March 3, 2009



Dead Baby Advocates Obama And Sebelius

Dead Baby Advocates Obama And Sebelius

Anti-abortion activists are planning strong opposition to Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s pick for secretary of health and human services, saying the Kansas governor’s positions on abortion and her ties to a late-term abortion provider are too extreme for her to be in charge of America’s health care policy.

Kansas-based Operation Rescue says it will launch a full-out campaign against Sebelius because, as governor, she has had the support of Dr. George Tiller, who has been indicted for allegedly performing late-term abortions on underage girls. 

“With Obama’s appointment of Gov. Sebelius to the Department of Health and Human Services, he might as well be appointing George Tiller, because Tiller is the one that will be pulling her strings,” said Operation Rescue Chief Troy Newman in a post on the group’s Web site. 

“Sebelius’ involvement in Kansas abortion scandals and her indebtedness to the corrupt abortion lobby makes her unfit to serve. We urge our supporters to begin contacting their senators now to voice opposition to Sebelius’ confirmation.” 

Sebelius’ opponents point out that HHS already is in the process of undoing a Bush administration regulation that allows medical personnel to refuse to provide abortion or sterilization services based on religious or moral grounds. The regulation went into effect on Inauguration Day.

Obama Sponsors Fetal Homicide

February 23, 2009


It Isnt A Toss-Up.  Life Begins At Conception.

Hey Obama, Define Vulnerable And Outcast.

The following is from a website dedicated to exposing on an ongoing basis the travesty far left wing abortion policies have on us as a society and on the black population in specific.

Dear Friend of Life,

Thank you for your interest in ObamaNation.com

Obama wants to:

• Nominate pro-abortion justices on the US Supreme Court. He may get the opportunity to nominate up to three justices in the next four years. 
• Pass the Freedom of Choice Act. In 2007, Obama told the Planned Parenthood Action Fund that the Freedom of Choice Act would be the first piece of legislation he would sign as president.  

Obama has already

• Permitted Abortion Funding Overseas. The “Global Gag Rule,” also known as the Mexico City Policy, a Reagan-era policy forbids U.S. funding going to support abortion overseas. Obama has already authorized again funding the U.N. Population Fund which will support abortions overseas. 

If you love your life and would hate to have had it taken from you before it started, check out this petition and get involved in stopping worldwide U.S. Obama-sponsored fetal homicide.


Mexico City Policy Overturn Deadly

February 23, 2009

President Obama signed an international fetal death sentence in January with an executive order reversing the ban that prohibits funding to international family planning groups that provide abortions, as first reported by ABC News.

Obama to overturn Mexico City Policy   

Under the humane “Mexico City Policy,” the U.S. government could not provide funding for family planning services to clinics or groups that offered abortion-related services overseas, even if funding for those activities came from non-government sources. It essentially barred recipients of U.S. foreign aid from promoting abortion as a method of family planning.

If organizations received government funding, they would “agree as a condition of their receipt of federal funds that such organizations would neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.”

The policy, dubbed the “Global Gag Rule” by abortion rights groups, was introduced by the administration of Ronald Reagan in 1984 in Mexico City, and was instituted that year. It was then overturned by President Bill Clinton in 1993 and restored by George W. Bush at the beginning of his office in 2001.

Now, with Obama’s new overturn of the policy, the United States is back in the business of supporting death for the unborn.