The United States Of Abortion, Etc.

The United States needs a new name…because the America moniker isn’t exactly working anymore now that Obama and Pelosi have made their coup and hijacked the government. Leader of the Free World is no longer a good name either, because you can’t call yourself the leader when you run around to a bunch of European countries with your cocked up plans and they basically tell you to screw off….like France and Germany did when Giethner suggested they join us in a hyper inflation party...and like Iran did when Obama expalined to them in his dopey manner that he thinks we should be friends.

Besides, we’ve become The United States of special interest groups, the United States of abortion, of illiegal immigration, of athiesm, of crackheads and welfare imbeciles everywhere.  

It’s like we’ve turned into The United States of garbage dump. And as Obama and Pelosi seek to empower every splinter group and thereby insure themselves of votes, even from people who can’t legally vote….they continue to flush the America that once existed, further and further down the toilet.


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