Sheriff Obama A No-Show On Piracy Crisis

April 10, 2009

Attention Sheriff Obama; there are a few bad guys in town kicking butt on some citizens who are just trying to make a buck shipping stuff around at sea.  They even got the captain of the ship and they are holding him hostage, and you refuse to comment to the press? 

Not only that but there are a ton of bad guys in the hills right now watching how all this goes down. You gotta walk out there and bring justice to the situation right away Sheriff, or all those other bad guys are going to ride into town as well…Sheriff…are you there?


Netanyahu Gives Obama Wimp Test

April 2, 2009


In this week’s New Yorker, Seymour Hersh reports that, just before leaving office, Dick Cheney told the Israelis that Obama is a wimp and could be ignored.

Netanyahu appears to have bought into the Cheney thesis and is now testing it by insulting the President on the day he is sworn in as Prime Minister. Let’s see if Obama let’s him get away with it.

Check out this interview Netanyahu gave the Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg today. Netanyahu says flatout that either the Obama administration deals with Iran’s nuclear development or Israel will have no choice but to act unilaterally.

Let’s see if our kissy-face President and his new world order stand up to a Netanyahu regime in Israel where real world actions will always speak louder than words.

America’s New Dictator Buys General Motors

March 30, 2009

How can a guy who has zero experience in business run a giant car company?  It’s like the question a ton of people were asking before Baracko became President. How can a guy with zero expedience running any kind of government come in and run the government of the United States.

Well, you’ve seen the answer, he can’t.

He’s like some happy-assed dictator of some third world country.  Just doing willy nilly whatever he pleases whether the consequences of his actions might have disastrous long-term effects is no concern of his, he’s President now and he’s having fun.

Got himself a car company, got some new ideas on making friends with Iran, already got some new buddies from Gitmo headin’ back here to the states, on the verge of owning all the banks, already got a tricked up caddy to ride around in…things are lookin’ up….hey Baracko….just hope those rag-heads who we aren’t at war with anymore don’t attack us again.

Obama Sides With Terrorism Again

March 14, 2009


Americas Couple Celebrate Their Decision To Honor Terrorists Everywhere

America's Couple Celebrate Their Decision To Honor Terrorists Everywhere

Baracko Bama and his ugly wife have gotten together and decided that it isn’t in the best interest of The United States to use bad language anymore to describe terrorists.  People that hate us, kill us, fly fuel ladden airplanes into our big cities and national landmarks, cut off the heads of innocent American journalists, blow up inocent people in theaters and shopping malls…he’s not going to calll them enemy combatants anymore.

What is he going to call them?  That’s what I’d like to know.  He wants to find some nice Taliban members to talk to, and the terrorists of the world, well maybe we should strt calling them friends, or how about commrades?

Let’s face it America, we elected a fool to the White House.  Him and his freaky wife with her bottonless hate for the United States are going to do everything they can to bring us down. In their hearts they are still downtrodden have-nots who hate the United States because they never had a chance since they are black.

Let’s get them out of there.  They don’t have the right frame of mind to lead our country, because at the bottom line they dislike America intensely.

Let’s have a Special National Election right now.  Sarah Palin vs Bracko Bama….and he get’s to run on his recored of his first 55 days….especially the part where he wants to make friends with the Taliban and not call terrorists enemy combantants anymore.

Ask some members of the 911 families and see what they think of his insane new position.

Exhausted Obama Hopes For Change

March 13, 2009


Hey, Wake Up, You Wanted This Job!

The change that may be foremost in the mind of President Wuss, would be the welcome one that comes when he no longer needs to be the President, and he can kick back with some bud, a little coke, some hoops, a cold case of Miller Light, and whatever else it is he’d rather be doing than running the country.

It’s already so pathetic at The White House, that they had to roll Michelle out to — among other things — make the assertion that her husband was rational.  She stopped short of saying that if he had a complete nervous breakdown or something, rather than letting that empty suit Biden take over, she’d probably be able to get the job done. Her appearance at this point is downright scary, almost like a mom stepping out on the lawn into a brewing fist fight, to make sure her son doesn’t get his ass kicked. 

The sad part is, if pushing the Pelosi Agenda is too tiring and too trying for Obama, what would he seriously do about seeing 3,000 Americans murdered in a single day by blood-thirsty freaks? Bush took that, held his head up and kept us going strong.

Obama Wants To Talk With Taliban

March 11, 2009


Dopey Obama Wants To Find Some Nice member Of The Taliban To Talk To.  Super.

African American President Seeking Nicer Members Of Taliban For Casual Talk, Maybe More.

Exhausted from his efforts to wreak havoc on capitalism everywhere, and apparently not armed with enough prompting from his ever-present teleprompter, Obama last week declared that he thought we could find some nicer guys in the Taliban who might want to talk to us instead of kick us in the face, urinate on our flag, blindfold us with black bags and behead us with machetes.

No, he suggested that we would be able to find some moderate Taliban folks who might just see things our way.

Is this guy serious? With all his broken promises and his obvious inability to run our country or foreign affairs, he is turning from a dream come true for Democrats and the downtrodden everywhere, into a Hail Mary completion for the future of the Republican Party.

Al Marri Case A Bad Precedent For Obama

February 26, 2009


According to sources familiar with the case, the Obama Justice Department indicted Marri this afternoon. The sealed indictment was handed up by a federal grand jury in Peoria, Illinois.]

The Obama Administration appears close to resolving the case of Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, the alleged Al Qaeda “sleeper agent” who is the only so-called “illegal enemy combatant” imprisoned inside the United States. This signals a reversal of the Bush Administration policies which helped protect the country from future attacks.

Marri has been held for the past five years in indefinite executive detention in the U.S. Naval Consolidated brig in Charleston, South Carolina—despite having never stood trial or been convicted of any crime. But according to sources close to the case, a federal grand jury is meeting today in Peoria, Illinois, and may indict Marri on multiple terrorism charges, including providing material support for terrorism. Dean Boyd, a spokesman for the Justice Department on national-security issues, declined to comment, as did Marri’s lawyers.

An indictment would signal a major shift in legal policy from the Bush years. It would also fulfill President Obama’s campaign pledge to restore traditional American legal practices by treating terror suspects as common criminals, rather than stripping them of standard legal rights and classifying them neither as criminal defendants nor prisoners of war. And it will errode in a major way how effective the United States can be against terrorism in the future.

No one can say for sure what is motivating Obama to loosen the stranglehold the Bush administration put on terrorism. Because no matter what you do to appease Islamic extremeism, it’s still going to be dedicated to the desecration of Jews and Christians everywhere.  It’s kill or be killed, and Obama doesn’t get that. Or maybe he’s does get it and he’s on the wrong side.