Palin-Jindal Just The Ticket In ’12

Americans wonder why jobs are going overseas, it’s because we are teaching kids political propaganda, liberal environmentalists agenda and they diagnose every child with ADHD. The Indian’s, Chinese, and Japanese students are so far advanced in Math and Science that American companies either hire them or just completely outsource all our industries to them. My friends you are watching our nation become European Socialist. 

The only real answer may be in a Palin-Jindal ticket in 2012. These articulate reformers are also squeaky clean when it comes to anything the mainstream media can try to smear them with.

Palin’s already suffered through that ridiculous indoctrination by the media in which Charlie Gibson looked down at her over his little glasses and insisted on knowing what she thought of the Bush Doctrine, and the rest of the ass-breaths over on the far left actually saw fit to skewer her over the fact that she might have wanted her pregnant child to have her child, rather than abort it….and then oh yes, the $150,000 in clothing she bought….which looks pretty pale right now next to the kind of cash Obama is spending on everything from signings in Colorado, to the Monster From Pelosi….which is about to double the national debt.

You know, so she survived all that drive-by disaster and they’ll never be able to touch her next time around.  And Jindal, he’s just a hell of a lot smarter and cleaner than any democrat on the face of the earth.

But beyond that, they’ve got the reforming spirit and the credentials to back it up.  It would be like two very young, very competent Ronald Reagans on the same ticket. And after the Obamanation of the next four years, that would kick some serious butt. Because if you’ll remember, the thing the American people really want, and really vote for, and are really gonna need after this stimulus thing gets revved up, is what Reagan prmosied and delivered on, and what these two would promise and deliver on as well..“get the government off the backs of the American people.”







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