Obama Dances Around Smoking Question

June 24, 2009

You can always tell a dishonest person because they lie about even small things.

I dont really smoke except when Im smoking

"I don't really smoke except when I'm smoking"

Look at Obama’s answer yesterday in his press conference.  Does he smoke or doesn’t he.  He basically said no, but if you look at his answer it is really yes. What a hoser.


Letterpussy Insults Teenage Girls

June 11, 2009


David Letterpussy

Gov. Palin and Letterpussy

Late night talk show scum David Letterpussy insults teenage women to get a laugh.  How much would you pay to hit this looser in the mouth with a nice, crisp straight right hand?

Rush Has It Right, O’Reilly Does Not

June 11, 2009

Rush Limbaugh has been speaking volumes in defense of our free enterprise system for years, and no one does it better.  That’s because he has zero concern for his lousy Nielsen ratings.

That’s why Bill O’Reilly sucks these days.  His lame “wait and see” attitude on Obama’s performance as President, is getting very stale and wimpy in the face of all the insane policies and America bashing that Obama is dishing out.  And it’s completely driven by his love of ratings, not his love of Country.

Bill O’Reilly Wimps Out Obama

June 11, 2009


OReilly Cares More About His Ratings Than The Countrys Future.

O'Reilly Cares More About His Ratings Than The Country's Future.

The O’Reilly Factor has taken “fair and balanced” recently to absurd new levels of wimpy.

He’s still in the “let’s wait and see how he does” mode on Obama.  I have news for the guy.  Obama is already doing very badly indeed.  Spending more in 3 months than all the other Presidents combined over the last 30 years is a good example.  And his pathetic public America bashing in hopes that it will make our enemies like us better.  They don’t.  It isn’t working.  Ask the family of the recruiter who got killed last week by a terrorist, or the families of the two women being held and tortured by North Korea.  

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I haven’t even mentioned all the destruction he’s doing to capitalism and free enterprise.

O’Reilly cares more about his precious ratings than he does about the country’s future.

Meet Larry Sinclair Another Obama Buddy

April 11, 2009



A man named Larry Sinclair posted a YouTube video alleging that he and President Barack Obama engaged in sexual acts and drug use together in 1999, when Obama was an Illinois State Senator. He claims that then-State Senator Obama procured powdered cocaine for Sinclair, and crack for himself. Sinclair also attests that their drug use was followed by sex acts that included Sinclair performing fellatio.

The Obama camp has taken extreme measures to silence the man, but now his book is out.

“Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder” that severely incriminates the American president, accusing him of everything mentioned in the title of the book, with an accent on his homosexual affairs.

Democratic Ghouls Dance On America’s Grave

April 6, 2009

The unholy have come to power.  They trash the constitution, bash America, huddle with leaders of rogue nations, court the favor of America hating dictators, downplay the war on terror and even the word terrorist, and have now set a course of action that will completely bankrupt our nation while tripling the national debt and doing nothing to really stimulate the economy but only to stimulate the cancerous growth of bigger and bigger government…all while taking over the car companies, mortgage companies, banks and who knows what else.  And all with the cultural assistance of high profile God-haters from Hollywood.

The World’s Greatest Nightmare has just begun, as The Dance of the Ghouls continues.

Obama Bashes America For “Arrogance”

April 6, 2009


Bad Mouth Obama Talks Trash About America All Over Europe.  Thanks For Nothing Butt Nugget.

Bad Mouth Obama Talks Trash About America All Over Europe. Thanks For Nothing, Butt Nugget.



In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe‘s leading role in the world,” Obama said, boldly taking aim at the country that just elected him last November. “There have been times where America’s showed arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

With the President of The United States talking trash about our country and telling everyone that we are a bunch of jerks, and then his Attorney General called us all cowards….what kind of a Presidency is this?

I’ll tell you, it isn’t too hard to figure out.  this is the knob that went to church where the pastor screams “GD America” because he is so filled with hate for our country he can hardly contain himself.  What a poor choice we made.  Time for a recall election.