Obama Dances Around Smoking Question

June 24, 2009

You can always tell a dishonest person because they lie about even small things.

I dont really smoke except when Im smoking

"I don't really smoke except when I'm smoking"

Look at Obama’s answer yesterday in his press conference.  Does he smoke or doesn’t he.  He basically said no, but if you look at his answer it is really yes. What a hoser.


Rush Has It Right, O’Reilly Does Not

June 11, 2009

Rush Limbaugh has been speaking volumes in defense of our free enterprise system for years, and no one does it better.  That’s because he has zero concern for his lousy Nielsen ratings.

That’s why Bill O’Reilly sucks these days.  His lame “wait and see” attitude on Obama’s performance as President, is getting very stale and wimpy in the face of all the insane policies and America bashing that Obama is dishing out.  And it’s completely driven by his love of ratings, not his love of Country.

Bill O’Reilly Wimps Out Obama

June 11, 2009


OReilly Cares More About His Ratings Than The Countrys Future.

O'Reilly Cares More About His Ratings Than The Country's Future.

The O’Reilly Factor has taken “fair and balanced” recently to absurd new levels of wimpy.

He’s still in the “let’s wait and see how he does” mode on Obama.  I have news for the guy.  Obama is already doing very badly indeed.  Spending more in 3 months than all the other Presidents combined over the last 30 years is a good example.  And his pathetic public America bashing in hopes that it will make our enemies like us better.  They don’t.  It isn’t working.  Ask the family of the recruiter who got killed last week by a terrorist, or the families of the two women being held and tortured by North Korea.  

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I haven’t even mentioned all the destruction he’s doing to capitalism and free enterprise.

O’Reilly cares more about his precious ratings than he does about the country’s future.

Obama Rhetoric No Substitute For Real Policy

June 8, 2009


Mr. Rhetoric Proves To Be The Worlds Biggest Empty Suit

Mr. Rhetoric Proves To Be The World's Biggest Empty Suit

In Egypt, across Europe and here in the United States, our empty suit President shows that he has no real claim to leadership.  

Mr. Charisma is going to fix the world by blaming the United States for the past, and explaining to everyone how to behave in order to make the future more nice and easy.

In the business world we have an expression for people like Obama who wants to fix everything by babbling in glowing terms, he’s an empty suit.

What Would Make Obama Pro Life?

May 17, 2009



Basically, someone just has to explain to him that most of the unborn babies he’s helping exterminate could well turn out to be democratic voters.

Number of abortions per year: Approximately 42 Million 
Number of abortions per day: 
Approximately 115,000

Ragdoll Obama Shakes Anyone’s Hand

April 27, 2009

Chief Sleaze Used Like A Rag In Another Dictator Photo Op

The President of The United States is a cheap empty suit.  

I have been aware of–and fully respected–every President of The United Staes since Ike. Democrats and Republicans included, even Nixon with what he did, even Clinton is his lack of respect for himself.

But this Obama is a different story.  He’s a back-room dirt bag that will go to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, that  now becomes our country’s image.

So do you continue to believe in the United States now?  Hoping Pataki or someone with a brain from the Republican side can dethrone this imbecile before he completely tarnishes and ruins who we are as a country?

Or do you say to yourself, ‘I still believe in the principals this country was founded on, in free enterprise, in national pride, in The Constitution, in our history...but if Slimebag is going to continue to ignore all that, I’ll have to let the country go and stick with the principals in hopes of keeping them alive somewhere else.’

The former certainly being the preferred route at this point.

Sheriff Obama A No-Show On Piracy Crisis

April 10, 2009

Attention Sheriff Obama; there are a few bad guys in town kicking butt on some citizens who are just trying to make a buck shipping stuff around at sea.  They even got the captain of the ship and they are holding him hostage, and you refuse to comment to the press? 

Not only that but there are a ton of bad guys in the hills right now watching how all this goes down. You gotta walk out there and bring justice to the situation right away Sheriff, or all those other bad guys are going to ride into town as well…Sheriff…are you there?