Ragdoll Obama Shakes Anyone’s Hand

Chief Sleaze Used Like A Rag In Another Dictator Photo Op

The President of The United States is a cheap empty suit.  

I have been aware of–and fully respected–every President of The United Staes since Ike. Democrats and Republicans included, even Nixon with what he did, even Clinton is his lack of respect for himself.

But this Obama is a different story.  He’s a back-room dirt bag that will go to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, that  now becomes our country’s image.

So do you continue to believe in the United States now?  Hoping Pataki or someone with a brain from the Republican side can dethrone this imbecile before he completely tarnishes and ruins who we are as a country?

Or do you say to yourself, ‘I still believe in the principals this country was founded on, in free enterprise, in national pride, in The Constitution, in our history...but if Slimebag is going to continue to ignore all that, I’ll have to let the country go and stick with the principals in hopes of keeping them alive somewhere else.’

The former certainly being the preferred route at this point.


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