Letterpussy Insults Teenage Girls

June 11, 2009


David Letterpussy

Gov. Palin and Letterpussy

Late night talk show scum David Letterpussy insults teenage women to get a laugh.  How much would you pay to hit this looser in the mouth with a nice, crisp straight right hand?


Maher Speaks For America’s Most Brainless

March 29, 2009
maher 1

Leader Of The Brainless Salutes His Lost And Depraved Fans

Bill Maher’s claim to fame is that he hates God, religion, Jesus and Everything Holy.

This makes him a champion of a unique and growing group of America’s Most Brainless people.

If you really, seriously think there is no God, and that the people who do believe in God are largely responsible for the world being screwed up…then you, my brainless friend have decided that being cool, sophisticated and sarcastic is vastly more important than Eternal Life.

You are on the wrong side and you have given up your soul to watch, laugh at and follow this obscene jerk who has it at the core of his purpose on earth the elimination of anything that really is good and proper.

But even if you’ve jeopardized your soul laughing at this butt-wipe, take heart.  Go to church.  God, Jesus and a full supporting staff are there to help you get your soul in order before it’s too late.  Oh, by the way, if you hang out there instead of with Maher…you may actually find yourself growing a brain as well.  And who knows, you may even open your eyes and see what’s really going on all around you.

Jive Talkin’ Obama Plays The Fool

March 24, 2009

Loosey goosey jive talkin’ Obama hit the media circuit last week and made a total ass out of himself trying to act like everybody’s best buddy or some damn thing.

His remark on the Jay Leno Show disparaging the Special Olympics is the single most non-presidential remark ever to come out of the White House. The truth is, he should have said he bowled like a crackhead.  But he would never ever make fun of crackheads, you know why, because that would be considered racist because most crackheads are black. Unfortunately, this jackass is more comfortable making fun of people who have been born with disabilities than he ever would be holding those responsible who regularly disable themselves.

Culture Driven By Gay Sex And Atheism

February 24, 2009


Sean Penn Shows How To Clean Up Hollywood

Sean Penn Shows How To Clean Up Hollywood



Last night at the Oscars, if that’s what they are still calling the event, the double-whammy of Penn and Maher, demonstrated that the level of cultural crash in The United States is even more profound than the economic crash.  

It is clear now that the most powerful entertainment vehicle in the world, Hollywood, has gotten so stuck over the last three decades on making sure that the rights of every marginal woe-begotten soul on the planet are represented in their output, that they’ve now progressed to the role of trying to make sure that our culture is driven by splinter groups.

A tiny fraction of the people who make the United States great are either gay or atheist, and yet these two aspects of the culture are now driving the culture.  

Sean Penn and Bill Maher are actively out there, openly, everyday pursuing with all their money, talent and resources, and every conceivable boost from the mainstream media, an agenda designed to to wipe out America’s belief in God and family.

To me, that qualifies them not as cool, or amusing, but as a pieces of dog crap.  And like Clint Eastwood so poignantly expressed in a early 80s film Sudden Impact, when it was still OK to hate jerks, “…a lot can happen to a piece of dog crap. It can dry up and blow away in the wind, it can get stepped on and squashed, or it can get scraped up with a shovel and thrown away, so my advice to you, is to be careful where the dog craps you.”

So currently Maher and Penn have been crapped onto center stage.  And like most of America, you are either holding your nose or trying not to watch.

Waterboarding Perfect For Chris Brown

February 22, 2009


Chris Brown Is A Perfect Example Of Why We Need Water-Boarding In The United States

Chris Brown Is A Perfect Example Of Why We Need Waterboarding In The United States
















Pelosi and Obama are dismantling the mechanisms that enabled us to waterboard terrorists in order to find out information that would help us kill more of them.

This will probably expose us and leave us at risk for future attacks, and the only possible reason we won’t be attacked in the future, is because Bush used what he found out at Gitmo to screw Al Qaeda up beyond all recognition.

I hate to see the nutjob do-gooder liberals dismantling waterboarding as a method of interrogating terroists, but I also think, rather than banning it, it’s uses could be expanded and brought to the United States.  

That way we could waterboard pieces of crap like Chris Brown. You know, wise-ass fools who wear their hats crooked, who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag and then wind up mashing their little girlfriends in the face.  

Water-board Chris, not because we’d need to get any information out of him, but just to torture him so maybe he would think twice about punching a defensless chick in the face the next time it occured to him to do so.  

Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring it over here to solve a couple other cases as well, where we do need more information. You know, the name Drew Peterson would certainly rank high as a candidate for a little fact finding session via the water-board, wouldn’t he?