Maher Speaks For America’s Most Brainless

maher 1

Leader Of The Brainless Salutes His Lost And Depraved Fans

Bill Maher’s claim to fame is that he hates God, religion, Jesus and Everything Holy.

This makes him a champion of a unique and growing group of America’s Most Brainless people.

If you really, seriously think there is no God, and that the people who do believe in God are largely responsible for the world being screwed up…then you, my brainless friend have decided that being cool, sophisticated and sarcastic is vastly more important than Eternal Life.

You are on the wrong side and you have given up your soul to watch, laugh at and follow this obscene jerk who has it at the core of his purpose on earth the elimination of anything that really is good and proper.

But even if you’ve jeopardized your soul laughing at this butt-wipe, take heart.  Go to church.  God, Jesus and a full supporting staff are there to help you get your soul in order before it’s too late.  Oh, by the way, if you hang out there instead of with Maher…you may actually find yourself growing a brain as well.  And who knows, you may even open your eyes and see what’s really going on all around you.


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