Waterboarding Perfect For Chris Brown


Chris Brown Is A Perfect Example Of Why We Need Water-Boarding In The United States

Chris Brown Is A Perfect Example Of Why We Need Waterboarding In The United States
















Pelosi and Obama are dismantling the mechanisms that enabled us to waterboard terrorists in order to find out information that would help us kill more of them.

This will probably expose us and leave us at risk for future attacks, and the only possible reason we won’t be attacked in the future, is because Bush used what he found out at Gitmo to screw Al Qaeda up beyond all recognition.

I hate to see the nutjob do-gooder liberals dismantling waterboarding as a method of interrogating terroists, but I also think, rather than banning it, it’s uses could be expanded and brought to the United States.  

That way we could waterboard pieces of crap like Chris Brown. You know, wise-ass fools who wear their hats crooked, who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag and then wind up mashing their little girlfriends in the face.  

Water-board Chris, not because we’d need to get any information out of him, but just to torture him so maybe he would think twice about punching a defensless chick in the face the next time it occured to him to do so.  

Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring it over here to solve a couple other cases as well, where we do need more information. You know, the name Drew Peterson would certainly rank high as a candidate for a little fact finding session via the water-board, wouldn’t he?


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