Pelosi: An American Hyena In Italy


An American Hyena In Italy

An American Hyena In Italy











Celebrating the end of the Bush Administration and all the horror that brought about for her, Nancy Pelosi teetered and laughed her way through some screwed up Italian diplomacy this week, finging out the government there is not interested in housing The Gitmo Prisoners. 

Maybe after another case of wine or two she’ll come up with an even more brilliant idea.  How about Alcatraz? That’s vacant right now isn’t it?  It’s close to home so she could take photo-op visits to make sure the “so-called terrorists” weren’t being mistreated or forced to divulge any useful information. 

Or maybe she could work with her southern neighbors in California to come up with a program like what they had in medieval Europe, about beating swords into plowshares…only in this case they would be turning water-boards into surfboards.  Kind of catchy.  Plus you get a chance to turn these so-called terrorists into SoCal terrorists…get ’em to enjoy a little surfing and who knows, they could wind up giving you more information that way than if you were holding them under water. Somebody invent a new ribbon color for turning water-boards into surfboards and give Miss Nancy a call.


One Response to Pelosi: An American Hyena In Italy

  1. mizzblueeyes says:

    Yeah, I sure would like to see her get rid of her private jet as well….she doesn’t need it.

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