Jindal Rejects Stimulus As Dysfunctional



Governor Bobby Jindal Leads The Way In Rejecting Stimulus Bloat

Governor Bobby Jindal Leads The Way In Rejecting Dysfunctional Stimulus

Renew your faith in the Republican Party.

First, Republican Senators did what they could to ignite a common sense stimulus bill, but they were ignored and The Monster From Pelosi passed.

Now, here’s Jindal, and a handful of other excellent Republican governors standing up and saying,” it passed…you signed it Oh Great One”…but like Ivan in The Brothers Karamazov, he’s respectfully, or maybe not so respectfully, returning the ticket…in this case to an obscene and dysfunctional pork party.

Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal is sticking to his position of rejecting part of the federal stimulus money for his state, saying Sunday that accepting an increase in unemployment benefits will lead to higher taxes on businesses in his state. 

Mississippi Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin say they may follow suit. They say the money to be disbursed to the states in the $787 billion spending and tax cuts package comes with too many strings attached.

This is the right direction for the Republicans.  Continue to dissect this ill-conceived package, not from an emotional, finger-pointing perspective, but from from an intellectual one.  Explain to the American people, in no uncertain terms, because this is what we’ve been needing since Regan departed; Explain with a passion why this wealth distribution and economic justice crap just won’t work, and will probably even backfire, creating enormous messes with all it’s unintended consequences that the liberals never think of when they write legislation.


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