Exhausted Obama Hopes For Change


Hey, Wake Up, You Wanted This Job!

The change that may be foremost in the mind of President Wuss, would be the welcome one that comes when he no longer needs to be the President, and he can kick back with some bud, a little coke, some hoops, a cold case of Miller Light, and whatever else it is he’d rather be doing than running the country.

It’s already so pathetic at The White House, that they had to roll Michelle out to — among other things — make the assertion that her husband was rational.  She stopped short of saying that if he had a complete nervous breakdown or something, rather than letting that empty suit Biden take over, she’d probably be able to get the job done. Her appearance at this point is downright scary, almost like a mom stepping out on the lawn into a brewing fist fight, to make sure her son doesn’t get his ass kicked. 

The sad part is, if pushing the Pelosi Agenda is too tiring and too trying for Obama, what would he seriously do about seeing 3,000 Americans murdered in a single day by blood-thirsty freaks? Bush took that, held his head up and kept us going strong.


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