Why Obama Can’t Fix GM

If you think the magic answer to all of GM’s problems is to quit selling trucks and emphasize a different type of vehicle instead, you’re insane, and so is Obama for thinking he can fix the company that way.

You can always tell when people have never owned and operated a business, or started one from scratch and turned it into a success, the cluelessness just drips off their remarks.

If you want to make business sense, ask yourself this question. Why is GM different than BMW? Sure, the reason’s are too numerous too mention, but most of it falls under the simple fact that BMW is and always has been a company that markets cars by constantly working to improve their product, while GM has for the longest time been a company that marketed cars by constantly improving their marketing while devolving the quality of their product. In other words, you can’t sell crap to people for ever and ever, eventually they get the picture. And good luck changing in a month or two that whole entire business culture that’s developed over eons. What a complete farce.


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