America’s New Dictator Buys General Motors

How can a guy who has zero experience in business run a giant car company?  It’s like the question a ton of people were asking before Baracko became President. How can a guy with zero expedience running any kind of government come in and run the government of the United States.

Well, you’ve seen the answer, he can’t.

He’s like some happy-assed dictator of some third world country.  Just doing willy nilly whatever he pleases whether the consequences of his actions might have disastrous long-term effects is no concern of his, he’s President now and he’s having fun.

Got himself a car company, got some new ideas on making friends with Iran, already got some new buddies from Gitmo headin’ back here to the states, on the verge of owning all the banks, already got a tricked up caddy to ride around in…things are lookin’ up….hey Baracko….just hope those rag-heads who we aren’t at war with anymore don’t attack us again.


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