Wonder Stinks Up Idol With Obama Love

Stevie Wonder brought his boring songs to American Idol last night, but the worst part about his predictable performance was his shout out of “I love you Barack Obama!” in the middle of some dreary 70s song that was tepid when it first came out.

That Wonder loves Obama is no doubt, as there are hundreds of misguided showbiz folks out there who think that it’s a great day in the morning now that were on the verge of trippling the national debt and screwing up Capitalism beyond all recognition.  

Even Europe in the throes of going down the tubes due to excessive government is begging us not to take the Obama route.…but we’ll probably go anyway, due to geniuses like Steve Wonder, Oprah Winfrey, Sean Penn, and all the brilliant thinkers at Saturday Night Live.


One Response to Wonder Stinks Up Idol With Obama Love

  1. I happened to be watching American Idol when the Obama worship was demonstrated. I laughed and said are you kidding me ? No, it is real. Signs and WONDERS are all around us.

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