Lettermonkey Attacks Defenseless Women

It’s time for David Letterman to change his name to David Lettermouse….or maybe David Lettermonkey would be better.

In any event, there can be only one word to describe his recent renewed attacks on The Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and her daughter, who had a baby.  

He has not attacked or ridiculed the baby yet, but probably will when he learns the child’s name, as he has already ridiculed the father for having the name Levi.  

How could anyone be so uncool as to be named Levi, right Dave?

Anway, what it all adds up to is cowardice. The left is scared crap-less of Sarah Palin because she represents the way government is supposed to be and the people she governers love her for it.  Great, solid, All-American things like that really threaten imbeciles like David Letterman, John Podesta, Paul Bagala, James Carville, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the left wing democratic ghouls. Apparently they cower in abject fear over thoughts of things like the Ten Commandments being displayed in a public courthouse, or the government actually giving back money to it’s people instead of hosing them for more and more.


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