Obama Sides With Terrorism Again


Americas Couple Celebrate Their Decision To Honor Terrorists Everywhere

America's Couple Celebrate Their Decision To Honor Terrorists Everywhere

Baracko Bama and his ugly wife have gotten together and decided that it isn’t in the best interest of The United States to use bad language anymore to describe terrorists.  People that hate us, kill us, fly fuel ladden airplanes into our big cities and national landmarks, cut off the heads of innocent American journalists, blow up inocent people in theaters and shopping malls…he’s not going to calll them enemy combatants anymore.

What is he going to call them?  That’s what I’d like to know.  He wants to find some nice Taliban members to talk to, and the terrorists of the world, well maybe we should strt calling them friends, or how about commrades?

Let’s face it America, we elected a fool to the White House.  Him and his freaky wife with her bottonless hate for the United States are going to do everything they can to bring us down. In their hearts they are still downtrodden have-nots who hate the United States because they never had a chance since they are black.

Let’s get them out of there.  They don’t have the right frame of mind to lead our country, because at the bottom line they dislike America intensely.

Let’s have a Special National Election right now.  Sarah Palin vs Bracko Bama….and he get’s to run on his recored of his first 55 days….especially the part where he wants to make friends with the Taliban and not call terrorists enemy combantants anymore.

Ask some members of the 911 families and see what they think of his insane new position.


One Response to Obama Sides With Terrorism Again

  1. Laurie Ababurko says:

    Amen to that comment.. they are a “joke” thinking they can “rub elbows with the enemy”. Keep up the good work.. Laurie

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