Obama Wants To Talk With Taliban


Dopey Obama Wants To Find Some Nice member Of The Taliban To Talk To.  Super.

African American President Seeking Nicer Members Of Taliban For Casual Talk, Maybe More.

Exhausted from his efforts to wreak havoc on capitalism everywhere, and apparently not armed with enough prompting from his ever-present teleprompter, Obama last week declared that he thought we could find some nicer guys in the Taliban who might want to talk to us instead of kick us in the face, urinate on our flag, blindfold us with black bags and behead us with machetes.

No, he suggested that we would be able to find some moderate Taliban folks who might just see things our way.

Is this guy serious? With all his broken promises and his obvious inability to run our country or foreign affairs, he is turning from a dream come true for Democrats and the downtrodden everywhere, into a Hail Mary completion for the future of the Republican Party.


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