Obama Using Fear To His Political Advantage



The Politics Of Fear In Full Swing

The Politics Of Fear In Full Swing

Barack Obama is spreading fear about the economy intentionally because he feels if people are afraid they will be less likely to offer resistance to his sweeping attempt to socialize America and put an end to Capitalism in this country.

What Obama and his cronies don’t understand is that you can’t redistribute wealth without screwing up the source from which wealth comes.

In other words, if you punish the 1% of the population that provides 40% of America’s tax revenue, and then you go ahead and take away deductions from people who are making over $250,000 a year, all the wealth that you seek to distribute is going to suddenly stop flowing because guess what?  Beating people over the head with a tax stick and punishing them for creating jobs and producing wealth is going to make them do what exactly?  It’s going to make them stop producing the wealth you need to distribute to your voting base.

So you think you are going to rob from the rich and give to the poor.  But you are really going to wind up punishing the poor, because the rich are going to stop producing all the money you need to pay for all the stuff you want to give people who don’t work very hard.  Obama’s headed for 1 term, or less, with Impeach Obama signs already showing up on the streets of the United States.


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