Obama A Bust In Great Britain

OBAMA INSANITY UPDATE:  With people already marching around outside the White House with Impeach Obama signs and and even members of his own party starting to question his veracity, if not sanity, BO today continued his obsession with Abe Lincoln, and irritated the crap out of our major ally, Great Britain.

In a move that lacked more political class than Illinois, Obama refused, when offered by Great Britain, a bust sculpture of Winston Churchill that had been at the White House during the Bush Administration.  When GB offered it to Prince Barack for another 4 years, he snubbed the offer, told them no, sent the bust back and got one of guess who instead. Lincoln.

It’s no wonder Obama can’t relate to Churchill.  He was a man, who in a time of great danger and crisis in his country, instilled courage in his people and helped thereby lead them to victory.  Obama, on the other hand, instills fear, and is turning a crisis into a catastrophe.


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