Articles Of Impeachment Already Popular


Tee Shirts Never Lie

Some Articles Of Impeachment Are Already Being Written

T-Shirts, bumper stickers, banners and other articles of impeachment are starting to show up on-line and all over the United States.

That’s right, Obama is already less popular than Bush was at this time during his first term.

Here’s just a few reasons why:

-His incredible early arrogance in office which even members of his own party are calling a blatant power grab.

-His complete disregard for how congress is supposed to work where they are actually given enough time to read and understand legislation before signing it.

-His selling out on a promise to change government for the better by immediately changing it for the worse.

-His suddenly very obvious socialistic agenda.

The American taxpayer’s revulsion at the continuous ongoing bailouts, which has created a taxpayer revolt and given rebirth to the slogan that started the American Revolution, “no taxation without representation.”

 –His ugly connections to people, including his wife, who’ve professed outward, vehement hate for the United States both with their words and actions.

The treasonous crime of selling out United States’ Rights of Imminent Domain to the Chinese in order to borrow all the money he wants to give to people who never earned any.


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