King Obama Brings Economic Justice To U.S.A.

Economic Justice King Barack Obama

“This budget plan is once again a missed opportunity for American taxpayers — it raises taxes on all Americans, implements massive new spending and fails to make any tough choices to control the deficit,” said Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., the top Budget Committee Republican who was nominated by Obama to join his Cabinet as commerce secretary but then withdrew.

Spending money faster than any man ever in the history of the planet, King Hussein Obama sought to wield more of what he calls economic justice with his new budget.

Economic Justice according to Obama is using the vast wealth generated by all those who work hard in the United States to support all those who don’t. 

Congressman Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, showed he has a brain when he commented in the following manner about the new budget. “If there’s anything that economists on the left and the right agree on, that supply-siders, classic economists and Keynesians agree on, you don’t raise taxes in a recession,” said Ryan. “This budget is raising taxes in a recession.”


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