Tiger Pumped For Comeback, On Steroids?


Does This Man Have More In Common With Jack Nicklaus or A- Rod?

Does Tiger Have More In Common With Jack Nicklaus or A-Rod?

In the past three years or so Tiger has gone from a muscular young man in great shape to one of those guys with a strange load of 30 or 40 pounds of extra muscle in his upper body.  Certainly he’s been in the gym a lot, that much is obvious….but has he also been chipping?   Chipping of course has two meanings.  First, to bump and run a golf ball onto the green with a mid-iron, and second, to have steroids injected in small amounts into your body so you can add loads of angry muscle mass and play your sport at a much higher level than mere mortals with ordinary physical bodies.

Some Of Tiger's Chipping May Be Taking Place In The Doctor's Office

All you have to do is look at recent photos of Tiger Woods and you can see why the tour is considering implementing a new steroid policy with testing. Of course Tiger is one of those people who will do anything to win…it’s just a question, raised more and more by his look, his temperament, the strange bulkiness…is he really doing anything to win…including steroids?

Golf has been around even longer than baseball.  Some peole say it started back in the 1500s when Scottish sailors parked their ships and walked across grassy, sandy land that linked the sea to the town.  That’s how the land came to be called links-land and golf courses, eventually called, just links.

To keep themselves busy and amused, the sailors invented a game while hiking this links-land into town, they picked up sticks and as they walked along, tried to see how few hits with the sticks it would take them to get a given rock into a given hole in the ground.

For five or six hundred years now men, women, boys and girls have been using their God-given bodies and minds to enjoy and excel at this beautifully simple yet amazingly complex game. Hopefully, that ancient and royal sportsmanship and all the honor and tradition that goes with it, won’t wind up on display in front of some half-assed politicians wanting to know if Tiger knew what he was doing when he started using steroids to gain an unfair advantage over his opponents.



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