Keith Olbermann Rears His Ugly Head

Olbermann Introduces Jindal By Saying "Oh God" And Laughing Out Loud. The NFL Better Not Let Him Go Cover Any Saints Games This Season.

The ugly head of Keith Olbermann rose up and puked disgustingly negative energy and sarcasm all over the five or six people who by some strange chance were watching MSNBC last night….probably because their television was somehow screwed up and that was the only channel they could get.

Following President Obama’s first address to Congress on Tuesday night, Olbermann, the most nauseating broadcast jerk on the far left,  was caught muttering “Oh God” on the  air as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal walked toward the camera to deliver the GOP response.

Olbermann started, “Chris, stand by, Rachel, stand by, we’re getting that cue from Baton Rouge where Governor Jindal of Louisiana is set to deliver the Republican response to President Obama. It is entitled ‘Americans Can Do Anything.’ Here’s Governor Jindal,” Olbermann said.

As the picture showed Jindal walking toward the camera, in a hushed voice Olbermann said, “Oh God” as others were heard laughing in the background.

All I can say is that I hope the culture shifts even more, and lewd, arrogant and obscene jerks like this are ignored more completely on television than they already are, and subsequently they drop off the face of the earth, or at least out of sight. And if anyone from the NFL is listening…guys, this idiot is NOT POPULAR with 99.99% of the people who watch football. The other announcers sitting next to him can’t even stand him, they lean back when he talks as if his attitude actually has a bad smell to it.  Which it probably does.

And you certainly better keep him away from any New Orleans games this season, I hear Governor Jindal is quite popular there with a lot of the fans and players.


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