Who’s Counting And Why In Next Census

The once-a-decade census is more than a national nose count. It’s used to divvy tax dollars for roads and hospitals, spot population trends for schools, business and social programs, and – did we forget? – play high-stakes politics.

Whos Counting And Why In The Upcoming Census.

Who's Counting And Why In The Upcoming Census.

The task comes loaded with importance, and that’s why the Obama team is making a mistake by requiring that the next census director report to the White House instead of the Commerce Department bureaucracy. The decennial count is about information gathering, not partisan score settling. 

The political gamesmanship has just produced its first casualty or trophy kill, depending on your vantage point. Late last week New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg bowed out as the nominee for secretary of commerce, citing his opposition to the Democratic stimulus package and also a decision to whisk away the census from his job description. In divorce-court lingo, he cited “irresolvable conflicts” with the president on the two issues in dropping out and returning to the Senate.

What happened to Gregg, was that as a man of principal when he was exposed to the vicious underbelly of the left wing Obama administration, he threw up….and then decided to withdraw his name from consideration.

Of course Obama is going to use the power of The Presidency to advance his own radical agenda, that’s what he’s always done, that’s what he learned in Chicago working with Ayers, Blagojevich and Wright. Of course he’s going to give the census to his new radical buddy Rahm Emmanuel, of course they are going to screw around with it to give an advantage to left wing democrats….that’s what Acorn did during the election, and that’s what the democrats have always been all about….to sum up their philosophy in a nutshell…winning is more important than how you play the game.


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