Obama Ready To Wield “Economic Justice”.

Barrack Obama, still campaigning today even though he already won the presidency had this to say about his bailout package, We dont know what were doing with this thing so we better do it fast, or its going to be on Rush Limbau and Sean Hannity if it fails.We dont know what were doing so we better do it fast.

Obama points to the microphone to indicate everything he says into it will be pure propaganda for his socialistic devaluation of America.













I don’t go in much for conspiricy theories, but wasn’t it the liberal left wing democratic movement in this country that screwed up the economy to begin with starting with the Clinton administration, when they, through their phony-racial-equality-in-sheep’s-clothing disguise that they wear, pushed legislation through that enabled everyone in America who couldn’t afford to buy a house to buy one anyway.  

With that decimation of standards in place, the phony paper started to fly and we find ourselves where we are now….hearing from the same people who screwed everything up, about what they think we have to do right away to fix it.

This is the most we’ve ever been deceived and misused by our government.  This is like what happened to prompt The Boston Tea Party.  Do you remember what their rallying cry was?  No taxation without representation.  See, the colonists felt the way a lot of people are suddenly feeling in America today.  Like we are getting hosed by the powers that be.

To begin with, why would we value the opinion of liberal democrats on how to fix the economy if they are the folks who screwed it up in the first place?  Or did they screw it up on purpose, knowing the press would not be likely to blame them as they are now virtually complicit in everything the left wants to do, screwed it up on purpose they did so they could wind up in charge of fixing it, and now they say we have to fix it fast, basically with a ton more of the same kind of thinking that got it all screwed up in the first place.  

Get the picture yet? They are out to retard and ruin capitalism becasue they think it is somehow bad, not even being smart enough to realize that only capitalism can create the jobs and economic opportunity their overly dependent, desperate and depressed consituents seem to need. But they don’t want people to depend on capitalism, they want people to depend on the government…like Karl Marx did.

So the brainwashing campaign goes on, to try and convince everyone in America that we need socialism to rescue us from worldwide economic collapse.  Boppin’ Obama is back to doing what he does best, spinning anti-republican PR online, in the media, in Indiana, anywhere they’ll stop and listen to what used to be a message of hope, but has now recently turned into one of fear.


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