Feeling Screwed By The Government?

Artist Scott Donahue of Emeryville, Calif., was paid $196,000 by Berkeley’s public arts program to create two large statues, which feature small, artistic medallions that show dogs doing what dogs do best.

“Various things,” Donahue said. “Biting each other, chasing each other…. One dog is defecating, two dogs are fornicating.”

But with the country in a deep recession and California on the verge of bankruptcy, some taxpayers are questioning the money Donahue got for his work. His total budget was $196,000 — 1.5 percent of the total budget for building the pedestrian bridge. And all of it came from taxpayers

Ready To Say Screw This Yet? Find Out How Some Artist Got $196,000 Tax Payer Dollars To Put This Dog Doo On A Bridge

Ready To Say Screw This? Find Out How Some Artist Got $196,000 Tax Payer Dollars To Put This Dog Doo On A Bridge

It’s the type of thing that could contribute to a taxpayer revolt, not unlike the kind, perhaps, that started the original American Revolution….that’s right, remember, this country was founded on No Taxation Without Representation….and right now, I know we’re being taxed, but when you see this kind of dog vomit being funded, not too sure who’s representing us.

Keep your eyes and ears open America.  This is taxation without representation. We rose up against that once before and we may have to do it again.

Colonists Tar And Feather A Tax Collector

The Original Irate Americans Tar And Feather A Tax Collector Before Hanging Him.

At Rubber Stamp Champ, we believe in exercising our rights. As I am right now exercising my right to free speech. Use it or lose it may never be a more apt assessment of where we stand with our rights, right now. There’s a socialist, or worse in the White House. He’s negotiating with terrorists and and taxing you whether you like it or not. We have to be pay attention, and strengthen our rights now by exercising them.


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  1. greatend says:

    This is an interesting take on the recession and the action of the government. You should join a recession forum or something and have your great say. I’ll follow this blog, btw.

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