World’s Dumbest Republican


Susan Collins, The Worlds Dumbest Republican.

Susan Collins, The World's Dumbest Republican.

Sen. Susan Collins took a big a stand on the economic stimulus bill last week, unfortunately it was the wrong stand.

“We worked hard to cut out wasteful, bloated … not programs that had anything to do with stimulating the economy … We were able to tear away the waste,” she told MSNBC, a network with absurdly poor ratings due to it’s complete lack of credibility, Monday morning. She earlier told the “Today” show: “We’re facing a crisis and it makes no sense to have a partisan divide on the most important issue facing our country … on balance it is a good bill, it’s needed and I think it will make a difference.”

It will make a difference alright Susan…the rich will get poorer and the poor will still need more help.

Redistribution of wealth..or as Obama calls it “economic justice”…simply means that folks who never did much are going to get a government handout…and guess what will happen after that? They still won’t do much.  Too bad Susan Collins supports that kind of thing if she calls herself a Republican.  She should switch parties.

At Rubber Stamp Champ, we believe in exercising our rights. As I am right now exercising my right to free speech. Use it or lose it may never be a more apt assessment of where we stand with our rights, right now. There’s a socialist, or worse in the White House. He’s negotiating with terrorists and and taxing you whether you like it or not. We have to be pay attention, and strengthen our rights now by exercising them.


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