Sen. Coburn Defeats Hollywood Payback


Standing Up To The Onslaught Of Socialism

Standing Up To The Onslaught Of Socialism

Find out more about a guy who is really standing up for our Rights, Sen. Tom Coburn R-OK. He has succussfully added an amendment to the absurd Obama Stimulus Package that the final bill will retain..The final bill: • Retains  Coburn amendment 109 striking the $246 million earmark for Hollywood movie producers. 

Obviously, the Left Wing Democrats wanted to provide some payback for all the support they got from Hollywood during the Obama coronation that the press turned this election into.  But it’s tough, smart guys like Coburn that still provide hope for the nation, and he pretty much single-handedly made sure that there would be no Hollywood payback in this Stimulus Package.

We believe in exercising our rights. As I am right now exercising my right to free speech. Use it or lose it may never be a more apt assessment of where we stand with our rights, right now. There’s a socialist, or worse in the White House. He’s negotiating with terrorists and and taxing you whether you like it or not. We have to be pay attention, and strengthen our rights now by exercising them.


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