Reggie White And Vince Lombardi



Why Did They Call It The Lombardi Trophy?

Why Do They Call It The Lombardi Trophy?



Vince Lomardi was a person who wound up with quite a few Claims To Fame. Most people don’t do a whole lot consistent with achieving even one Claim To Fame.  Others are able to get a glimpse of a Claim To Fame with tremendous effort, determination and strenght of will. But it’s a rare few indeed that wind up through the force of their astonishingly stellar efforts, with a whole bunch of Claims To Fame.

Everyone knows, of course, that Lombardi brought 5 titles to Green Bay including the victories in the fisrt two superbowls and that was how Green Bay wound up being America’s Team and got the nickname Titletown USA.  For any person, having that much success in the exceedingly demanding NFL, is definetly a Claim To Fame….but with Lombardi of course it doesn’t stop there.

The list of accomplishments are a mile long and documented well beyond any description I could provide you here, and if you’re really interested in all that the guy did, you can check a few things out.

But why is his name on the Super Bowl trophy?  Just a week after his death, the NFL’s Super Bowl trophy was renamed the Vince Lombardi Trophy in his honor, first awarded after Super Bowl V. Lombardi was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame at its next induction ceremony in 1971.  So why did they put his name on it, apart from the fact that they did it to honor his stellar career?  In my humble opinion they put his name on it to honor his attitude.  Which, put simply, was that pretty much anyone can do one hell of a lot more than they think they can if they start believing in themselves.

He demonstrated this principal by taking a bunch of not-that-huge, not-that-talented and not-that-gifted physically football players and turned them into a team of world beaters no one will ever forget…how? By getting them to believe in themselves at a much higher level than they had before they met The Coach.  That’s another Claim To Fame of his right there by the way….in certain circles….especially inside the arctic one surrounding Wisconsin, and again also in the inner halls of the inner game of football, where only those who have played convene, everyone knows if you simply say the words, The Coach…it means Vince Lombardi.

So yeah, his name is on that trophy.  And that’s why it’s there.  He took people and showed them how to drive themselves to heights they’d never dreamt of…Reggie White got a hold of that power….and that’s why he’s got that trophy, with The Coach’s name on it, held so proudly and so high.


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