Obama’s Website Attempt At Transparency


Recovery.gov is Obamas Retarded Case For Transparency

Recovery.gov is Obama's Retarded Case For Transparency

Obama promised transparency, careful consideration, and responsible spending. What we have at this point is a monumental new IOU signed by Obama on our behalf, and a web site, Recovery.gov which — when I took a look earlier today — prematurely announced his premature signing of the “stimulus” bill (it was posted as a done deal while Vice President Biden was still effusing over it in introductory remarks in Denver). Recovery.gov now offers us multi-billion-dollar-labeled pastel balloons (with labels such as $144 billion for “State and Local Fiscal Relief” and $8 billion for “Other”) and the text of the bill (which is so huge that it’s been broken into five separate pdf files). Apparently it is not Obama’s job to read what he signs; that falls to the rest of us.


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