Obama’s Transparency Is Really Mendacity


Obama's Transparency Promise Already Looks Very Shady

Transparency, working across party aisles, holding government responsible….it’s all gone out the window in the first few weeks of the Obama administration as he zips helter-skelter around the country in Air Force one like some arrogant brat on a trip to Six Flags with mom’s credit card and a bunch of cash he stole from her purse.

What kind of President is this anyway?  He walks like a loose goose. He sends 17,000 troops to Afghanistan and doesn’t even have the decency to go see any of them in person. He hauls one of his own people out of the guy’s mother’s funeral, to make sure the Stinking Stimulus Bill passes, then doesn’t even bother to sign the thing for four days after that….and winds up signing it at some socialistic encampment that’s going to benefit from all the pork and earmarks?  

His statement that there are no earmarks is a bald-face lie, which indicates that he feels the American people are so stupid he can say anything he wants and they’ll believe it, just because he’s Barack Obama and the mainstream media has made it unpopular to criticise him.

Does he know where the oval office is?  Does he care?  Is he hanging out there working furiously with his advisors on what to do about all this country is facing?  I get the impression that’s he’s not, but instead planning his next self-aggrandizing media grab for attention.

God Bless America?  How about God Help America. Obama needs a new buzz word…”transparency” isn’t matching up with the behavior pattern well enough…how about “mendacity”?


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