Mr. October Not Making Excuses

Just remembering a few pre-disaster parts of the American culture here, the disaster achieved epic proportions in our culture, not sure exactly when, a few years back it really started to cave when the whole sentiment became, just do whatever the **** you please…grace, dignity and honor are for fools…it may have coincided with the emergence of the skateboard as a national disgrace…or maybe when Big Mac started putting a spike in his vein and hitting way too many balls out of the park.

Mr. October

Mr. October

In any event, there was a time, not that long ago when kids rode bikes and had brains, and the home runs were in some parts, being provided by a certain Mr. October.  Now you look at Reggie Jackson and you can tell right away, mostly from the fact that he looks normally, not abnormally strong, but also from the fact that he has a certain intelligence about him, that this particular gunslinger was old school. He hit home runs the old fashioned way.  He earned them. No Juice.

His formula was simple, he combined tremendous physical gifts with an attitude destined for greatness…and sure enough, when the stage was the biggest, when the game was on the line, when it was nighttime at Yankee stadium, when the world series was being played, when it was October and everything mattered most…when the pressure was such that the ungreat would fold, that was when Reggie provided his calmest, best approach to the game…and subsequently hit the most home runs…in the month of October.

Including one world series game in New York when he only swung the bat three times in the whole game and the result of each swing was a home run….a record that will never be equalled.  And contrary to popular opinion at the time, humility was also a huge part of Reggie’s game….here’s what he himself said about that feat on an October night in New York, “There’s the ballplayer in me who responds to all that pressure. I’m not sure I hit three home runs, but the ballplayer in me did.”


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