Dishonest Abe Could Be Obama’s Nickname


So Far Obama Hasnt Lived Up To The Honest Abe Image He Wants To Portray

Dishonest Abe Mousepads To Be Provided By The U.S. Government To Bailout Recipients As Part Of The Stimulus Package

Obama goes out of his way to compare himself to Lincoln, but that’s just another falsehood the man perpetrates.  Sad irony that this charlatan compares himself to a person who’s actual nickname was Honest Abe.

In every way so far, Obama has been deceitful rather than honest.  The biggest lie was that Change was coming to Washington…under Obama, Washington has gotten more like itself than it ever was before. Change came in the form of more government, bigger government, more corrupt pork spending, more bailouts….and the list goes on and on.

What happened to this idea he was going to go over the whole federal budget line by line and eliminate all the unnecessary spending? He went through the federal budget line by line and tripled all the spending, and then he added a couple more thousand lines that hadn’t even been there before.

What was his famous statement that got him elected?  “It isn’t red America or Blue America…it’s the United States of America!” Another lie.  Ask the Republicans that he didn’t work with on the so called Stimulus Package.


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