Coward Eric Holder Needs To Get To Work


PR Nightmare Black AG Holder Calls Americans Cowards. Maybe He Needs A Punch In The Mouth.

PR Nightmare Attorney General Holder Calls Americans Cowards. Maybe He Needs A Punch In The Mouth.

Eric Holder calls The United States a nation of cowards. My first question is, why doesn’t he represent a country that he likes better?  Did Michelle tell him we were“downright mean” and he bought it?  Or did he go to church with Obama and find out that in the bible it doesn’t say God Bless America, but just the opposite?

Afraid to talk about race my ass. Did he see the first OJ Simpson trial where race was used to get a double-murderer off totally free? Remember Eric, they had this blood soaked hyena with enough evidence against him to convict the average white guy 47 times over…but he got off because why?  Because F. Lee proved that Mark Fuhrman was a racist by getting him to admit, or avoid admitting, that he had once used the stinking N word?

Why don’t your constituents hang out with other races if they want to? There are absolutely no laws against it and vast sums of government money involved in incentivizing it.  So who are the real cowards Eric?

Which is the more cowardly?  Overcoming giant obstacles on your own, or expecting the lousy government to do everything for you?  And then when it does, you still whine?

Want to talk about race some more Eric?  What racial injustice are you upset about now? How have you been slighted as a black American?  You’re the attorney general, right?  Isn’t that one of the highest offices in the land?  Isn’t the President of the United States black now?  And we’re still racists and cowards? How can you represent America if you hate America?  Think about it.  Resign.  Go somewhere else.  You’re a coward, for taking the job to represent a country when you hate that country. Shut up, roll up your sleeves and get the friggin’ work done or don’t accept your paycheck.


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