A-Rod Is A-Joke


A-Rod Is A-Joke.

A-Rod Is A-Joke.

When you look at Alex Rodriguez and his absurd right arm, you automatically wonder who is the Mr. Universe contestant dressed up as a New York Yankee?  Also, why does this particular Mr. Universe contestant have such a tiny, strange looking little head compared to his abnormally enlarged looking torso?  He’s a misshapen steroid creation, that’s why.

Now if you are trying out for the Mr. Universe Pageant, you know how to work out so the bigness and definition don’t look completely stupid, and it doesn’t really matter if you take steroids because having large muscles is the whole point of that show, plus it’s been a show, not a sport, based on steroid abuse since it’s inception, so it’s whole history is on that level…it’s part of the production.  If you’re a baseball player though, you’re in another league.

It’s a league that’s been around for a century or more, and which has been touted as the national pass time, it’s a major league sport where records have been meticulously kept and preserved for years, and where ninety percent of those records are a measure of the heart, soul, guts and determination of the record setters, and not a measurement of their biceps.

So now along come these poppers and either because they want to look really great when they bend some unsuspecting hotel clerk over a chair, or for whatever other stupidly selfish reason, they have practically destroyed the game and who really wants to watch it anymore, not knowing if the particular gorillas on the field with their overly enlarged bodies, odd looking heads, sweaty faces and bulging foreheads…not to mention shrinking dicks..are for real or not….and you might as well just assume that they are not.

The NFL is a class act and that kind of crap doesn’t fly there anymore….but baseball…who’s running that show anyway?


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